Like the Sands in the Hour Glass….



I never was a fan of Days of our Lives, but I think that just about everyone thinks of that show when they hear the title of this post. During this move and unpacking box after what seems like never Continue reading

I have now witnessed FOUR miracles!


Miracle 1 and 4 on the left.

Let me start out by saying that this is simply amazing and I am eternally grateful for God’s blessings in my life. My mom’s family is relatively small. When we meet for holidays, there are 16 of us now that Continue reading

Stepping Out of your Comfort Zone


Friends – I am sure that you are wondering where in the heck I have been… I haven’t posted any hilarious things that happened during the day and trust me… that was hard….. I have always been open on Facebook, Continue reading

PSA – Be a Parent


Attention, this is a public service announcement. I know several people in this situation just as I know several in the situation of not being able to share in their child’s lives with the other parent. Just as an FYI…. Continue reading

Generational Gap

Today’s younger generation are missing out on things that we lived and breathed as they focus on texting and hand held video games and social media. Like: 1. Dirt. We played in dirt and we were happy!! Ok, just kidding, Continue reading

Eyes, Lip, Face!!

full face

I remember being a little girl and longing to wear makeup. There is always something alluring about utilizing colors to bring out a personality. So, I was extremely excited to find Younique! This make up line is phenomenal! They offer Continue reading

Why set limitations for yourself?


It’s funny how people can limit themselves by what they put in their mind. A comment made me think of this and it brought me back around to one of the people in my life that never let anything limit Continue reading

Support… it is necessary!!

Struggling Economy

Five years ago, when you were looking forward to today, are you where you thought you would be? Better? Worse? In light of today’s economy, with lay offs and corporate downsizing prevalent, more likely than not, you aren’t quite there, Continue reading

When you believe in you… things happen


If you look around you and see people who are constantly struggling, and at times it looks like they get a foot hold to overcome, but somehow they slip right back to where they were or worse. For the most Continue reading

Living a Blessed Life

Do you have control of where your life is heading? I used to think it was best to just glide along in life and let what is meant to be, become. I now know that is because I stopped dreaming. Continue reading